Garage Door Torsion Spring 262x2x36 | Fix and Replace Springs for 7-8 Feet High Door Garage Door | Minimum of 30,000 Cycles

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Introducing our Garage Door Torsion Springs for 7-8 Feet High Doors (262x2x36) - a pinnacle of efficiency for your garage door. Meticulously crafted with premium materials, these springs redefine durability, ensuring unparalleled performance and remarkable longevity. Equipped with essential execution factors and an advanced corrosion-resistant coating, they promise enduring peace of mind and dependable operation throughout their lifespan.


  • PREMIUM-CLASS MATERIAL FOR UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Crafted from the highest-grade ASTM 229 Class II Carbon Steel, our torsion springs guarantee exceptional strength and longevity, embodying reliability.
  • LONGEVITY ENHANCED WITH CORROSION-RESISTANT COATING: Each coil is meticulously coated with a specialized layer, safeguarding against rust and extending operational life, preserving performance and ensuring sustained functionality.
  • ENGINEERED FOR UNFAILING PERFORMANCE: The springs' engineering brilliance lies in the comprehensive consideration of execution factors, delivering consistent, efficient garage door operation.
  • PRECISELY FIT FOR 7-8 FEET HIGH DOORS: Measuring 262x2x36, these Torsion Springs offer the perfect fit, ensuring operational smoothness and maintaining structural integrity.
  • CONFIDENCE-INSPIRING 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Backed by a generous 5-YEAR WARRANTY, reflecting our commitment to your investment's quality and performance.
  • EXCEPTIONAL IPPT RATING FOR HEAVY-DUTY APPLICATIONS: Boasting an impressive Industry Performance Point Test (IPPT) rating of 49.65, these springs are meticulously engineered to excel under demanding conditions.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: Designed for user-friendly integration, our Torsion Springs come with comprehensive instructions, enabling hassle-free incorporation into your existing garage door setup.
  • UNCOMPROMISING SAFETY STANDARDS: Adhering to rigorous safety standards, guaranteeing not only optimal performance but also the well-being of your garage door system and surroundings.

Elevate your garage door experience with our revolutionary Torsion Springs for 7-8 Feet High Doors. Precision engineering, durability, and performance redefine your garage door's capabilities. Upgrade today and enjoy seamless, dependable operation!

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Stephen Jacovich

Looks good, have not installed it as it was bought as a spare in case of failure of existing spring. Physically looks the same as the one it will replace.