Patio Glass Door Wood Handle Set Replacement - Chrome with Wood Door Handle 10" with 6-5/8" hole spacing - Sliding Patio Glass Door Repair | Glass Door Handle Wood with Chrome Finish

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Introducing our Sliding Patio Door Wood Pull, the ideal addition to your patio door for an infusion of effortless functionality and elegant charm. Crafted with meticulous precision and designed to seamlessly fit most flush lock systems, this pull is a testament to unparalleled quality and enduring durability.


  • STUNNING HARDWOOD HANDLE: Elevate your patio door aesthetics with the captivating hardwood handle of our wood pull. This hardwood feature not only radiates sophistication but also showcases natural beauty, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your door.

  • INDIVIDUALIZED WOOD FINISH: Embrace the uniqueness of every handle. The wood finish may slightly vary, offering each pull a distinct touch that effortlessly complements any decor style. This bespoke touch ensures that your pull is as one-of-a-kind as your living space.

  • COMFORTABLE GRIP WITH AMPLE LENGTH: The handle measures a comfortable 10 inches in length, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. Beyond its functional advantages, this length enhances the overall aesthetics of your sliding patio door.

  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: The 6-5/8 inch mounting hole center simplifies the installation process, allowing the pull to seamlessly attach to your patio door. With compatibility spanning a minimum door width of 1/8 inch to a maximum width of 3/16 inch, this pull accommodates various door sizes with ease.

  • PERFECT MEASUREMENTS: Measuring 6-5/8" from upper to lower screw space, this wood pull guarantees precise placement. The 10" length of the hardwood handle further emphasizes the pull's appeal and practicality.

  • FLUSH LOCK SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: Designed for versatility, this pull works harmoniously with most flush lock systems. Its adaptable design ensures a seamless integration into your existing door setup.

  • METAL BRACKETS FOR LONGEVITY: Crafted from metal, the brackets underline the pull's exceptional durability. These metal brackets assure you that your pull is built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

  • MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED: Experience hassle-free setup with included mounting hardware. This thoughtful inclusion ensures a straightforward installation process that requires minimal effort.

  • PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWDRIVER REQUIRED: To facilitate installation, a Phillips head screwdriver is required. This simple tool ensures a smooth and efficient installation experience.

  • DIMENSIONAL CLARITY: For comprehensive details on dimensions, consult the provided line drawing. This drawing offers additional clarity to further guide your installation process.

Enhance your patio door with the Sliding Patio Door Wood Pull, a fusion of effortless elegance and functional finesse. Elevate your door's aesthetics and enjoy the ease of operation with this exceptional addition. Transform your living space today!