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Upgrade your sliding doors with our elegant and functional Sliding Door Handles! With a perfect blend of style and usability, these handles are the ideal addition to any sliding door. Crafted from high-quality brass and wood materials, they offer a comfortable grip and smooth operation, effortlessly making the process of opening and closing your doors a breeze. Embrace the modern and minimalist WOOD design, as our Sliding Door Handles seamlessly enhance your interior decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Product Details:

  • Description: Canoe Style Wooden Handle for Sliding Doors
  • Set-up: Measures 6 ⁵/₈" from center to center of upper and lower screw-holes.
  • Category: Sliding Door Handle
  • Material: Brass, Wood
  • Color: White or Chrome Finish

Key Features:

  • Replace Old or Broken Door Handles: Don't go through the hassle of replacing the entire door when you can easily upgrade your sliding patio door with our new and stylish handle set! Replace old, broken, or unattractive handles with ease.

  • Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installation processes. Our patio door handles are designed for quick and straightforward installation, making it a hassle-free DIY project.

  • Complements Your Black Sliding Patio Door: Our door handle's sleek design is constructed from quality wood material, making it the perfect complement to your black sliding patio door. Elevate the look of your entryways with this stylish handle.

  • Standard Fit for Various Patio Doors: Our sliding door handle is built for versatility. It's designed to fit a variety of patio doors, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.

  • Non-Handed Construction: Say goodbye to worries about left or right-handed patio doors. Our handle set features a non-handed construction, allowing you to use it on both left and right-handed sliding doors.

  • Durable Material for Long-Lasting Use: We believe in providing products that stand the test of time. Our sliding door handles are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and longevity.