170 lb. Heavy-Duty Double-Looped Garage Door Extension Springs Replacement (2-Pack) - ORANGE | Springs for Garage Door Repair | Garage Hardware

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Upgrade your garage door system with our high-quality Garage Door Extension Springs in striking ORANGE. These extension springs play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and effortless door operation, making the opening and closing of your garage door a breeze. Acting as a counterweight, they effectively reduce the pressure on the torsion cable, guaranteeing safe and reliable functionality for your garage door system.


  • SUITABLE FOR SPECIFIC DOOR SIZE: Designed for garage doors measuring 16 ft. x 7 ft. with an approximate weight of 170 lbs., these springs are meticulously crafted to meet the requirements of larger doors.

  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Fabricated with high carbon ASTM 229 Class II Oil-Tempered Wire, our extension springs boast exceptional strength and durability. These heavy-duty springs are engineered to withstand continuous use, providing long-lasting performance.

  • ENHANCED END DESIGN: Equipped with double-looped ends, these extension springs are fortified for added strength, extending the cycle life of the springs. The two loops seamlessly connect to the pulley system, ensuring smooth door movement.

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Whether you're installing new extension springs or replacing old, rusty ones, our Garage Door Extension Springs ORANGE offer a straightforward installation process. However, we recommend professional installation for optimal safety and efficiency.

  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: To ensure prolonged spring life and maintain their performance, our extension springs feature coated steel coils that slow down the rusting process. The corrosion-resistant coating provides added protection and longevity.

  • OPTIMAL BALANCE AND OPERATION: When replacing extension springs, we advise purchasing one pair at a time to avoid difficulties in balancing and maintaining the garage door's proper operation. A balanced door ensures smooth and safe functioning.

  • SAFETY AND PROFESSIONALISM: For any repairs involving garage door springs that are damaged, rusted, outdated, or deemed unsafe, we strongly recommend seeking assistance from a professional or technician. Ensuring proper repair and installation is essential for maintaining a safe garage door system.

  • 3 -YEAR WARRANTY:  All of our springs are covered by our 3 year warranty program, offering you peace of mind knowing that you will have long lasting springs. 

Upgrade your garage door system with our high-quality Garage Door Extension Springs ORANGE. Experience effortless door operation, improved balance, and enhanced security. Invest in reliable extension springs to optimize the functionality of your garage door and enjoy peace of mind for years to come.