Sliding Glass Door Lock with 6-3/8 in. holes | Miller Flush Mount Handles For Patio Doors, Non-Keyed | Lock Replacement for Sliding Door Lock Repair (DL-175)

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Step into the world of sophistication and practicality with the Miller Flush Mount Handles for Patio Doors. This offering strikes the perfect balance between functional excellence and streamlined design, delivering an unblemished addition to your patio doors that's sure to captivate.


  • SEAMLESS ELEGANCE: The Miller Flush Mount Handles are meticulously crafted to provide a flawless, flush appearance, elevating the aesthetics of your patio doors to new heights.
  • CUSTOMIZED FOR PATIO DOORS: Tailored with precision, these handles are exclusively designed to seamlessly integrate with patio doors, epitomizing elegance and practicality in one.
  • DIMENSIONAL DETAILS: Measuring 6 -3/8", the handles offer a balanced dimension for easy handling and operation. The "Less Key Lock" configuration enhances simplicity while ensuring security.
  • CATEGORY SPECIALIZATION: Belonging to the Sliding Glass Door Lock category, these handles showcase specialized excellence in door functionality, offering an impeccable blend of form and function.
  • CAST METAL STURDINESS: Constructed from robust cast metal, these handles ensure durability while maintaining a refined appearance that stands the test of time.
  • EFFORTLESS OPERATION: The handles' design prioritizes effortless operation, ensuring that accessing and maneuvering your patio doors is a smooth and comfortable experience.
  • UNDERSTATED CHARM: The flush mount design exudes understated charm, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your patio doors without overwhelming the visual harmony.

Upgrade your patio doors with the Miller Flush Mount Handles, a true testament to the harmonious merger of function and aesthetics. Elevate your space and embark on a journey of style and practicality today.