Double Bolt Lock - Sliding Patio Door Locks | Child Proof Sliding Door Lock with Anti Lift Security Lock - Sliding Door Security Fits Most Doors | Lock Replacement for Sliding Door Repair

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Secure your sliding glass doors with the CAL Double-Bolt Lock, offering exceptional security and child safety features. Whether used as a secondary or primary locking system, this innovative lock ensures peace of mind for your family's safety and your home's security.


  • CHILD SAFETY: Safeguard your children by preventing them from wandering outside the house. Install the CAL Double-Bolt Lock at the desired height to keep them safe from potential dangers.

  • HIGH SECURITY: With a tested capacity to withstand over 1000 lbs. of Forced Entry Load Tension, the CAL Double-Bolt Lock prevents criminals from lifting out the sliding glass door from its tracks, providing robust security against forced entry.

  • SLEEK DESIGN: The lock's aesthetic and low-profile design seamlessly fits within the limited space between the sliding glass door frame and the interior door panel. Its discreet appearance ensures it blends effortlessly with your frame and window environment.

  • VERSATILE USAGE: Designed for the middle junction of most double sliding doors, the CAL Double-Bolt Lock works effectively to enhance security. For impact sliding glass doors and windows in northern regions, a larger latch might be required.

  • DOUBLE LOCKING ACTION: The CAL Double-Bolt Lock secures the door to the frame at two points, rendering any movement of the door impossible. Its double locking action prevents unauthorized access and ensures your peace of mind.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installing the CAL Double-Bolt Lock is hassle-free. Its intelligent design fits within the sliding glass door frame and panel, providing maximum home security. Instructions are available online and come with the product.

  • INCREASED CHILD SAFETY: Install the lock at your preferred height to prevent small children from opening the sliding glass doors on their own. Eliminate the stress of constantly monitoring their movements.

  • FORCED ENTRY RESISTANCE: Factory-installed locks or after-market products can't match the CAL Double-Bolt Lock's level of security. It provides unparalleled resistance against forced entry, enhancing your home or business protection.

Experience ultimate sliding glass door security with the CAL Double-Bolt Lock. Whether you're concerned about child safety or home security, this lock is your reliable solution for enhanced peace of mind.