Look Corner Roller without Casing for Sliding Doors | Roller Replacement for Patio Glass Door Repair | Steel Roller | Fix Sliding Doors Roller Hardware (DR-145-W)

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Introducing the Look Corner Roller for Sliding Doors - an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your doors. This compact yet powerful component brings a new level of ease and functionality to sliding doors. Crafted from durable steel and equipped with a premium precision bearing stainless steel wheel, the Look Corner Roller guarantees smooth and effortless gliding, making it an essential addition to your sliding door setup.


  • EFFORTLESS OPERATION: The Look Corner Roller is engineered for seamless door operation, allowing you to effortlessly glide your sliding doors open and closed.

  • SPACE-OPTIMIZED DESIGN: With inner housing dimensions of 1 ³/₄" L x 1 ¹/₁₆" H and outer housing measurements of 1 ⁵/₈" W x 1" H, this roller is meticulously crafted to maximize space utilization while ensuring a precise fit.

  • SINGLE ROLLER SOLUTION: Categorized as a Sliding Glass Door Single Roller, the Look Corner Roller is tailored to provide specialized support for sliding doors, delivering enhanced performance and functionality.

  • DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from sturdy steel, the Look Corner Roller is built to withstand daily use, offering longevity and reliable performance.

  • SMOOTH GLIDING: The 1 ¹/₂" wheel size, coupled with the premium precision bearing stainless steel wheel type, ensures whisper-quiet operation and a smooth gliding experience.

Elevate your sliding door setup with the Look Corner Roller and experience a new era of convenience, style, and ease. Say goodbye to cumbersome door operation and welcome a seamless gliding motion that enhances your daily life.

Discover Effortless Gliding with the Look Corner Roller for Sliding Doors - Elevate Your Doors, Elevate Your Lifestyle.