G.A.S Hardware 10-Pair Pack Nitrile Work Gloves | Light Weight Durable Home Improvement Gloves | Gloves for Work, Tools, Hardware

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Shield your hands with confidence during demanding tasks using the G.A.S Hardware Nitrile Work Gloves. These gloves are designed to provide exceptional hand protection, grip strength, and comfort, enabling you to tackle various tasks without worry.


  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS WITH FLEXIBLE NITRILE-COATED WORK GLOVES: Our Nitrile Work Gloves offer outstanding protection with their flexible, form-fitting design. They shield your hands from scratches, abrasions, and potential injuries, allowing you to work confidently and comfortably.

  • EXPERIENCE BETTER GRIP STRENGTH AND SLIP-RESISTANT PERFORMANCE: Equipped with an improved slip-resistant grip, these gloves provide better control and traction. Whether working in wet, dry, or oily conditions, you can maintain a secure hold on your tools and work effectively.

  • FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND WITH ENHANCED BREATHABILITY: Crafted from 13-gauge knitted nylon, our Work Gloves offer exceptional breathability, ensuring your hands stay cool and dry. This feature eliminates discomfort, enabling you to concentrate fully on your work.

  • UNMATCHED ABRASION AND CUT RESISTANCE FOR ADDED DURABILITY: Engineered for rugged tasks, our Nitrile-Coated Gloves offer superior abrasion and cut-resistant resilience. They create a robust barrier against potential hazards, ensuring your hands remain safe throughout demanding work.

  • IDEAL FOR A MULTITUDE OF WORK ENVIRONMENTS: With a sandy, micro-foam nitrile coating enhancing grip strength, these All-Purpose Work Gloves are suitable for various settings. From outdoor landscaping to garage tinkering and woodworking, they provide reliable protection.

  • UNISEX DESIGN FOR UNIVERSAL FIT AND CONVENIENCE: Designed for both men and women, our Nitrile Work Gloves offer a universal fit. Everyone can benefit from superior hand protection without compromising comfort.

  • EASY IDENTIFICATION WITH COLOR-CODED HEMS: Our gloves feature color-coded hems, ensuring easy differentiation between sizes. This practical design streamlines the glove selection process, enhancing organization and efficiency.

  • ULTRA-THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT FOR UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT: Experience unparalleled comfort with these ultra-thin and lightweight gloves. Their snug fit allows unrestricted hand movement, enabling you to work precisely and with ease.

  • SUPPORTS RUGGED INDOOR AND OUTDOOR WORK: Our Nitrile-Coated Gloves excel in both rugged indoor and outdoor work environments. Their versatility adapts to various tasks, ensuring reliable hand protection for any job.

Elevate your hand protection experience with G.A.S Hardware Nitrile Work Gloves - the ultimate solution for demanding tasks. With a focus on protection, grip, comfort, and durability, these gloves empower you to work confidently and efficiently.