G.A.S Hardware 10-Pair Pack Nitrile Work Gloves | Lightweight, Abrasion Resistant

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G.A.S Hardware Nitrile Work Gloves:

Protect your hands, fingers, and skin from irritation or injury with flexible nitrile-coated work gloves that offer a better slip-resistant grip. Whether you’re pulling weeds, cutting wood or changing parts on your vehicle your hands can suffer from scratches, abrasions, and potential injuries if you don’t have proper protection. That’s why it’s important to cover them with flexible, form-fitting Nitrile Work Gloves that offer better breathability, better grip strength, and better abrasion and cut resistance so you can focus more on the task at hand and worry less about hurting your hands. Better Protection in Every Work Environment These all-purpose work gloves with sandy, micro-foam nitrile coating provides an improved grip in wet, dry, or oily conditions. That’s because they let your hands breathe while keeping them dry and boast a slip-resistant grip that gives you more control over your tools, equipment, or things you’re working with. This makes them ideal for outdoor landscaping and gardening, working on your car in the garage, or protecting your hands when cutting wood or metal.

Product Details:

Ultra-thin Light weight Work Gloves (5 Pairs) - 13-Gauge Knitted Nylon - Sandy, Non-Slip, Nitrile Coated Grip - Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Fabric - Color-Coded Hems - Abrasion and Cut-Resistant Resilience - Unisex (Men and Women) - Supports Rugged Indoor and Outdoor Work Get these premium safety work gloves from Corestar and better protect your hands on those hard jobs by clicking Add to Cart above today.

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