Garage Door Seal Replacement - Weather Stripping Rubber Seal for Ultimate Protection - Easy Installation, Vinyl Material, 1/16" Thickness - Versatile and Durable Seal for 8 Ft or 16ft Garage Doors - Maintain a Clean and Weather-Resistant

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Replacement Garage Door Seal - Weather Stripping Rubber Seal

Ensure the utmost protection for your garage space with our high-quality Replacement Garage Door Seal. Designed to seal out air, moisture, and dust, this vinyl weather stripping rubber seal is the perfect solution to maintain a clean and weather-resistant garage environment. With an easy installation process that requires no fasteners, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of a secure and insulated garage.


  • THICKNESS: 1/16 IN.: Our weather stripping rubber seal boasts a thickness of 1/16 inch, providing optimal durability and efficiency in sealing out unwanted elements.

  • MATERIAL: VINYL: Crafted from premium vinyl material, this heavy-duty weather seal remains flexible even in extreme temperatures ranging from 40° to 140° Fahrenheit, ensuring a tight and reliable seal year-round.


  • Set-up: 8 Ft or 16ft Overall Length (Width 3.75")
  • Thickness: 1/16 in.
  • Material: Rubber

VERSATILE PROTECTION: Whether you're dealing with harsh winter winds, scorching summer heat, or dusty outdoor conditions, our Replacement Garage Door Seal is your ultimate line of defense. The flexible rubber material adapts to your garage door's movements, ensuring a snug and consistent seal along the bottom edge.

EASY INSTALLATION: No need to hire professionals or invest in specialized tools. Our weather stripping rubber seal is designed for effortless installation. 

DURABLE PERFORMANCE: Crafted from top-grade vinyl, this garage door seal is engineered to withstand the test of time. Its heavy-duty build ensures it remains effective in sealing out drafts, moisture, and debris, maintaining a cleaner and more comfortable garage space.

Don't let air, moisture, or dust compromise the integrity of your garage. Invest in our Replacement Garage Door Seal to experience a more secure and insulated environment. With its user-friendly installation and premium materials, you can count on this weather stripping rubber seal to deliver reliable performance throughout the seasons. Make your garage a more welcoming and protected space today!