Garage Door End Bearing Flange Plates Bracket Pair Set | Brackets for 7 or 8 Feet Garage Door | Residential Brackets with Bearing - 3 3/8 Inch - 1 PAIR

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Upgrade your residential garage door's performance with our Garage Door End Bearing Plate. Specifically designed for normal 7' and 8' tall doors with torsion assembly, this bearing plate ensures sturdy and secure support. Made from solid 12-gauge steel, it features a rust-resistant finish for long-lasting durability.


  1. SET-UP: 3-3/8 Shaft Offset.12 Gauge
  2. PERFECT FOR RESIDENTIAL GARAGE DOORS: Specifically designed for normal 7' and 8' tall doors with torsion assembly, ensuring compatibility with common garage door sizes.
  3. PRESSED-IN 1" FREEWAY BEARING: The bearing bracket includes a pressed-in 1" Freeway bearing, providing reliable shaft and spring support.
  4. REINFORCED 12-GAUGE GALVANIZED STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy and secure, the bearing plate boasts solid 12-gauge steel construction with a rust-resistant finish for enhanced durability.
  5. EXTRA SECURITY: Provides superior shaft and spring support compared to flat end bearing plates, offering extra security for your garage door.
  6. EASY INSTALLATION: Pre-cut with pre-drilled holes, eliminating the need for drilling or cutting during installation. Quick and hassle-free replacement for old or worn bearing brackets.
  7. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Comes as a set of 2 Garage Door Parts End Bearing Flange Plates (Left and Right), complete with dimensions as shown in the provided image.

Ensure the optimal performance and security of your garage door with our Garage Door End Bearing Plate – a reliable choice for easy installation and lasting durability.