Involute Sliding Patio Door Handle Set - Handle Replacement Set for Patio Glass Screen Door Repair | Sliding Door Pull Handle Set Fits 4-15/16" Hole Spacing

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Introducing the Involute Interlock Handle Set for Sliding Patio Doors – a synergy of refined style and exceptional functionality. Crafted to meticulous standards and designed for enduring performance, this handle set redefines your patio door experience. It effortlessly combines smooth operation with elegant aesthetics, ensuring each interaction is a testament to effortless elegance.


  • PRECISE SCREW HOLE MEASUREMENTS: Tailored for perfection, the screw holes are spaced at 4-15/16 inch, center to center. This meticulous spacing ensures a secure and precise fit, enhancing the overall stability of your patio door.

  • SEAMLESS FUNCTIONALITY: Reimagine the ease of operation. The Involute Interlock Handle Set is engineered for seamless performance, transforming the act of opening and closing your sliding patio door into a smooth, hassle-free endeavor.

  • CATEGORY ELEGANCE: Housed within the Sliding Patio Door Handle Set category, this handle set transcends utility to become a focal point of elegance. It elevates your patio door aesthetics and functionality in unison.

  • MATERIAL MASTERY: Crafted from premium brass, this handle set symbolizes durability and quality. Its sturdy construction guarantees enduring performance and resistance against wear and tear.

  • TIMELESS COLOR OPTIONS: Choose between the pristine allure of White or the bold sophistication of Black. Each color option complements your patio door while making a statement in your living space.

  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: Seamlessly integrate elegance with convenience. The handle set installation process is designed to be hassle-free. Follow straightforward instructions and use minimal tools to elevate your patio door effortlessly.

  • REFINED MOUNTING PLATE DIMENSIONS: With a mounting plate width of 1 inch and length of 6-5/8 inch, this handle set is a study in precision. The dimensions are thoughtfully calibrated to ensure optimal fit and function.

Elevate your patio doors with the Involute Interlock Handle Set. Witness the harmony between style and functionality as your patio doors transform into a gateway of effortless elegance.