PGT 5400 White Sliding Glass Door Handle Set Replacement with 7-15/16 Hole Spacing - 12.5" Faceplate Interior and Exterior Door Handles - Fix and Repair Door Hardware

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Unveiling the PGT 5400 Series Handle Set for Patio Doors – a fusion of style and functionality designed to redefine your patio encounter. Crafted with precision and built for lasting performance, this handle set seamlessly enhances the visual appeal and operation of your patio doors, ensuring each interaction is smooth and enjoyable.


  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: Tailored to perfection, this handle set measures 12-1/2" in length and 1-1/2" in width. With a precise upper to lower screw spacing at 7-15/18", it guarantees a secure and accurate fit for your patio doors.

  • EFFORTLESS FUNCTIONALITY: Embrace the delight of effortless operation. Our PGT 5400 Series handle set is expertly engineered to make opening and closing your patio doors a seamless and hassle-free experience.

  • CATEGORY REFINEMENT: Classified within the Sliding Patio Door Handle Set category, this handle set transcends mere utility. It elevates your patio door dynamics with its performance and refined design.

  • TIMELESS WHITE FINISH: Immerse your patio doors in timeless elegance. The pristine white finish of this handle set adds a touch of sophistication, seamlessly integrating with your door while enhancing your living space's overall aesthetics.

  • SIMPLICITY IN INSTALLATION: Combining easy aesthetics with effortless installation, this handle set is a symbol of convenience. Minimal tools and straightforward instructions are all that's needed to give your patio doors a remarkable makeover.

  • UNCOMPROMISING DURABILITY: Crafted to endure the test of time, this handle set is a testament to quality. Its durability ensures consistent functionality, even in the face of frequent use.

  • ASTUTE AESTHETICS: Beyond its functional prowess, this handle set introduces a refined charm to your patio doors. Its design adds a touch of sophistication, elevating the ambiance of your patio.

Elevate your patio doors with the PGT 5400 Series Handle Set. Fuse form with function and experience the transformation of your patio like never before.