Pan-Am Flush Mount Lock Set for Sliding Glass Doors | Lock for Patio Glass Screen Door Hardware | Flush Lock Replacement for Sliding Door Repair (DL-503)

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Elevate your sliding glass doors with the Pan-Am Flush Mount Lock Set, a synergy of streamlined design and unwavering functionality. Crafted from high-quality brass, this lock set not only ensures durability but also offers the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. Whether it's replacing an old lock or adorning new doors, the Pan-Am Lock Set stands as the quintessential solution.

  • TAILOR-MADE FOR SLIDING GLASS DOORS: Meticulously designed to seamlessly fit sliding glass doors, the lock set harmoniously blends security and aesthetics in a single, versatile package.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: With a measurement of 6 ⁵/₈" from the center of the upper screw hole to the center of the lower screw hole, installing the lock set becomes an intuitive and swift task.
  • CONVENIENT NON-KEYED FUNCTIONALITY: Embrace hassle-free access without the need for a key. Enjoy swift entries and exits, making daily routines seamless.
  • DISTINCTIVE CIRCLE LOCK: Customize your door's appearance by choosing either a white or black circle lock positioned at the bottom. Personalize your space effortlessly.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY: Elevate your home's security with confidence. The robust lock set acts as a formidable deterrent against potential intruders, enhancing your safety.
  • SEAMLESS OPERATION: The flush mount design upholds a streamlined appearance while ensuring your sliding doors operate with utmost smoothness.
  • BUILT TO ENDURE: Crafted from premium brass, this lock set boasts resilience against regular usage and remains impervious to wear and tear.
  • USER-FRIENDLY INSTALLATION: With precise measurements and an intuitive design, setting up the Pan-Am Lock Set becomes an easy endeavor for individuals of all skill levels.

Elevate your sliding glass doors with the Pan-Am Flush Mount Lock Set, where security and elegance converge seamlessly. Bid farewell to uncertainties and embrace a home that exudes style while safeguarding what matters most.