PanAm Roller for Sliding Glass Doors | Roller Replacement for Patio Glass Door Repair | Sliding Door Hardware Stainless Steel | Precision Bearing Wheel (DR-104-SP)

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Introducing the game-changer in door technology – Door Rollers. These miniature marvels hold the key to a world of convenience, allowing doors to glide open and closed without a hitch. Crafted from top-tier stainless steel and featuring a precision bearing, these rollers are designed to excel in durability and performance. With measurements of 2 ¹/₈" in length and 1 ³/₈" in height, they integrate seamlessly into your door setup, enhancing its overall functionality.

Key Features:

  • SMOOTH DOOR OPERATION: Door rollers are the driving force behind doors that effortlessly slide, fold, or pocket. Say goodbye to clunky motions and experience the satisfaction of doors gliding effortlessly.

  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, these rollers are built to withstand the test of time, resisting corrosion and ensuring consistent performance for years to come.

  • PRECISION BEARING: Equipped with a premium precision bearing, these rollers guarantee a seamless and noiseless door operation, adding to the overall convenience.

  • OPTIMAL MEASUREMENTS: Measuring at 2 ¹/₈" in length and 1 ³/₈" in height, these rollers are designed to fit seamlessly into your door system, without compromising on stability or performance.

  • GENEROUS WHEEL SIZE: With a substantial 1 ½" wheel size, these rollers provide enhanced contact with the track, promoting smoother movement and minimizing friction.

  • VERSATILE MATERIAL: Designed to fit various door types, from sliding to folding, these rollers are made from stainless steel, ensuring adaptability and performance across different applications.

  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: The design of these rollers facilitates easy installation, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer.

  • ENHANCED DOOR LONGEVITY: By minimizing friction and wear, these rollers extend the lifespan of your doors, ensuring years of seamless operation.

  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for sliding, folding, and pocket doors, these rollers are versatile components that elevate the performance of various door types.

Upgrade your doors with the revolutionary Door Rollers. Experience the magic of doors that glide effortlessly, crafted from durable stainless steel and featuring a precision bearing for an exceptional performance. Say hello to smooth operation and extended door longevity with these game-changing rollers.