Lawson Roller for Sliding Doors | Roller Replacement for Patio Glass Door Repair | Stainless Steel with Precision Bearing Wheels | Smooth Operation (DR-101-SP)

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Elevate the functionality of your doors with our high-quality Lawson Roller for Sliding Glass Doors. Designed for a seamless door operation experience, these rollers are the unsung heroes behind the smooth gliding motion of various door types, including sliding, folding, and pocket doors. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our rollers are a testament to innovation in door hardware technology.


  • SET-UP: Measures 2 ³/₈" L x 1 ¹/₂" H | Wheel Size: 1 ¹/₂"
  • EFFORTLESS DOOR OPERATION: Our Lawson Rollers redefine door operation by ensuring a smooth and effortless glide. These components are vital in minimizing friction, allowing your sliding glass doors to open and close with remarkable ease.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Crafted from robust stainless steel, these rollers are engineered for longevity. The stainless steel construction ensures resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing consistent performance over time.
  • OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS: Measuring 2 ³/₈" in length and 1 ¹/₂" in height, our rollers are engineered for a precise fit, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your door system.
  • PREMIUM WHEEL DESIGN: Featuring a 1 ¹/₂" premium precision-bearing stainless steel wheel, our rollers guarantee superior performance and stability, reducing friction and enhancing the ease of door operation.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERING: The premium precision-bearing stainless steel wheel design ensures optimal movement. Enjoy a quiet and smooth door operation, enhancing your overall living experience.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Designed for sliding glass doors, our rollers can also be used in various door types, making them a versatile addition to your home improvement toolkit.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installing our Lawson Rollers is hassle-free, saving you time and effort. The user-friendly design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of smooth door operation without the complexities of installation.


Upgrade your door experience with the Lawson Roller for Sliding Glass Doors. Embrace the innovation of door hardware that transforms your living space, making door operation a breeze. Enjoy the convenience, durability, and quiet performance that our rollers bring to your home. Discover the perfect harmony between functionality and design in every glide.

Sliding Door Roller | Roller Replacement for Patio Glass Door Repair