Flush Mount Handle Set with Nite Lock for Sliding Glass Doors | Lock Replacement for Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair | Fix Sliding Door Lock Hardware (DL-501)

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Transform your sliding glass doors into a fusion of style and security with our Flush Mount Single Lock Set. Impeccably designed to seamlessly integrate into your door frame, this lock set offers a contemporary and uncluttered look while delivering unwavering security. By merging aesthetics and safety, this set turns your sliding glass doors into a captivating focal point that promises tranquility.


  • SET-UP: Hole center spacing: 6-5/8 inches | Faceplate height: 7-1/2 inches | Faceplate width: 7/8 inch | Non-Keyed |Includes: assorted hooks, Strike, Screws, Interior and exterior trim
  • MODERN SOPHISTICATION: The Flush Mount Single Lock Set embodies modern sophistication. Its sleek design harmonizes seamlessly with your door frame, infusing your space with a refreshing and stylish aesthetic.
  • SECURITY YOU CAN TRUST: Rely on the steadfast locking mechanism of this lock set to bolster your door's security. Safeguard your home without compromising on elegance and charm.
  • PRECISE INSTALLATION: With a measurement of 6 ⁵/₈" from the center of the upper screw hole to the center of the lower screw hole, this lock set ensures an exact fit for your sliding glass doors, facilitating a hassle-free installation process.
  • CATEGORY EXCELLENCE: Belonging to the Sliding Glass Door Lock Sets category, this lock set epitomizes excellence in enhancing both door functionality and security, catering to your unique requirements.
  • FORGED IN DURABILITY: Fashioned from durable brass, this lock set boasts unwavering strength and resilience. Its robust construction fortifies your sliding glass doors against intrusions while upholding an inviting appearance.
  • KEYLESS CONVENIENCE: With a non-keyed design, this lock set offers the convenience of locking your doors sans a key. Revel in effortless operation while preserving the elegance of your surroundings.
  • COLOR VARIETY: Choose from a palette of colors – White, Black, or Chrome – to curate a look that aligns with your personal style and seamlessly complements your door's aesthetics.
  • EFFORTLESS GRANDEUR: Elevate the grandeur of your sliding glass doors effortlessly with the Flush Mount Single Lock Set. The chosen color infusion adds a dash of sophistication to your space.

Revitalize your sliding glass doors with the Flush Mount Single Lock Set. Experience the ultimate fusion of style and security, ensuring your doors radiate visual allure while providing an unshakable sense of protection. Elevate your doors today with this indispensable enhancement.