TM Lock for Sliding Glass Doors | For Non-Impact Doors - | Lock Replacement for Sliding Glass Door Handle Lock Repair | Double Lock for Non-Impact Sliding Glass Doors

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Discover the ultimate solution for enhanced door security with the TM Lock Set for Sliding Glass Doors. Designed to fortify your space, this lock set provides peace of mind while ensuring effortless door operation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it's a testament to functionality and durability, elevating your door experience to new heights.


  • ENHANCED DOOR SECURITY: Security is paramount, and the TM Lock Set prioritizes it. With its robust design, it acts as a steadfast guardian, adding an extra layer of protection to your space.

  • PRECISE SET-UP MEASUREMENTS: Measuring 9 1/2" from the center of the upper screw hole to the center of the lower screw hole, this lock set is engineered for a precise fit that ensures optimal performance.

  • VERSATILE CATEGORY: Categorized as a Sliding Glass Door Lock Set, the TM Lock Set is designed to cater to sliding doors, offering specialized security and functionality.

  • MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Crafted from a blend of metal and plastic finger locks, this lock set marries durability with user-friendly operation, ensuring lasting performance.

  • VARIED PURPOSE: The TM Lock Set finds its niche on non-impact doors, providing a tailored solution that aligns with specific door types and needs.

Elevate your door security with the TM Lock Set, a fusion of reliability and functionality that bolsters your space with confidence. Bid farewell to compromises and embrace a door lock that prioritizes both security and ease of use.

Experience Elevated Door Security with the TM Lock Set for Sliding Glass Doors - Where Protection Meets Convenience.