Garage Door Black Magnetic Handles and Hinges Hardware Kit - Garage Hardware Accents Curb Appeal Set

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Transform your garage door into a stylish carriage door effortlessly with Decorative Garage Door Accents. These magnetic door accents are made with powerful magnets that securely attach to your steel garage door, instantly updating the look of your home. Crafted from durable, UV-resistant plastic, these accents maintain their color and integrity over time, offering a long-lasting and cost-effective home decor solution.

Key Features:

  • Super Powerful Magnet: Our Decorative Garage Door Hinges are designed with an upgraded super strong magnet that boasts twice the suction power of regular magnets. This ensures a firm and secure attachment to your garage door throughout all seasons and weather conditions, making it the perfect choice for steel or metal alloy doors.

  • Reliable Quality: Crafted from reinforced ABS, our magnetic door hardware is hard, durable, and resistant to UV rays and various weather conditions. It is non-fading, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, and non-formaldehyde, making it a reliable and safe choice for your home. It also serves as an economic alternative and makes a great gift for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Convenient Installation: Our magnet adsorption installation eliminates the need for screws or drilling holes, preventing any installation errors or damage to your garage door. The process is incredibly easy, allowing for effortless installation, removal, and adjustments. For optimal results, keep a 1-inch clearance from the garage door frame to avoid any obstruction of the attached handles.

  • Decorative Garage Accents: The vintage frosted surface design of our garage door decorative hardware effortlessly transforms your basic door into a stylish industrial-style carriage door. Its tough and unique magnetic door hinges create a look that almost resembles real steel, appealing to friends and visitors from the curb.

  • Garage Door Hardware: Our magnetic decorative hinges and handles feature strong magnets on the back, ensuring a firm and reliable hold through all seasons and weather conditions. They are highly recommended for use with steel and steel core doors.

  • House Garage Accent: While our Garage Door Hardware is decorative and not functional, it adds tremendous curb appeal to your home, impressing friends and visitors as they walk through.

  • Easy to Install: Our set includes 4 hinges and 2 handles with strong magnets, allowing for quick and easy attachment to steel garage doors. No tools, glue, or drilling are required, and it won't damage your garage door's original surface. Moreover, it is 100% removable with no residue left behind.

  • Durable to Last: Made of ABS with a Rust Iron finish, our magnetic hardware is UV and weather resistant, ensuring it won't crack under cold, heat, or water exposure. Its protective coating safeguards the wrought iron for years to come, preserving its beauty and functionality.

  • Versatile Use: Our decorative garage door accents can also be used to enhance other metal surfaces around your home, adding a touch of elegance and style to various applications.

  • Budget-Friendly Upgrade: Unlike costly door replacement options, our Decorative Garage Door Accents provide a budget-friendly alternative, instantly elevating the look of your garage without breaking the bank.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Adding our Decorative Garage Door Accents instantly enhances your home's curb appeal, impressing guests and passersby with its sophisticated and stylish appearance.

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