Harcar Tandem Roller for Sliding Glass Doors | STAINLESS STEEL Roller Assembly (DR-255-SS)

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Elevate the functionality of your sliding glass doors with the Harcar Premium Tandem Roller. These meticulously engineered rollers are designed to provide seamless and reliable door operation, enhancing both convenience and aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they offer exceptional durability, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your door needs.


  • PREMIUM PRECISION BEARING STAINLESS STEEL: Constructed with premium precision bearing stainless steel, these rollers guarantee smooth and consistent motion. They are engineered for durability, even under frequent use.
  • OPTIMAL MEASUREMENTS: Each roller measures 3 ¹/₈" in length and 1 ¹/₂" in height, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of sliding glass door configurations. This standardized sizing streamlines the installation process and ensures compatibility.
  • EFFORTLESS OPERATION: The 1 ¹/₂" wheel size significantly reduces friction, enabling your sliding glass door to move effortlessly along its track. Experience a newfound ease in opening and closing your doors.
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: The Harcar Premium Tandem Roller seamlessly integrates into a wide range of sliding glass door systems. Its adaptable nature makes it suitable for various door types, including sliding, folding, and pocket doors.
  • DEPENDABLE MATERIAL SELECTION: Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, these rollers are engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel ensure a long-lasting, reliable performance.

Upgrade your sliding glass door's functionality with the Harcar Premium Tandem Roller. Experience the difference that precision engineering and premium materials can make in your everyday door operation. Elevate your space with this indispensable component designed for smooth, hassle-free use.

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Awesome Supplier and Hardware

I needed to replace the rollers in the bottom of my sliding door, but I didn't want to use the same steel version that I pulled out. The ones I pulled out were all rusted and seized up, this time I wanted stainless. I searched everywhere online and could not find the same type I needed in stainless. I called GAS and spoke to MJ, I told him what I was looking for and even though they didn't stock them he ordered them and shipped them out the next day. It's hard to find this level of customer support anymore, GAS will always be my first call in the future for door hardware. Ohh and the stainless rollers were solid well made and work Great!